Beneficial massages in the Filzmooserhof

classic or energetic'

Make the most of the time and be pampered with a beneficial treatment.

Our Massage team are experts in pampering you with an extensive range of classic massages and energetic treatments.

When and what area do you want to be massaged? We are happy to reserve the appointment time you prefer before you get here.

Classic massages

  • Partial massage, 25 min. treatment- € 36,-
    Back and neck. This massage relaxes and eases your muscles.
  • Sports massage, 25 min. treatment - € 38,-
    Back, arms and legs. A somewhat more intense massage after the exertions of sport, where your muscles are relaxed and stretched.
  • Thai foot reflex zone massage, 25 min. treatment - € 38,-
    Your entire body is reflected in your feet. By massaging on specific points your body gets a new boost
  • TCM Deluxe, back cupping massage, 25 min. treatment - € 38,-
    Cupping helps alleviate all areas of pain, particularly in the back and neck area
  • Full body massage, 50 min. treatment (calming or stimulating) - € 66,-
    Your muscles are relaxed using a variety of grip techniques, providing optimum circulation.
  • Combi massage, 50 min. treatment - € 64,-
    Back and foot reflex zone massage
  • Partial massage, 25 min. Behandlung - € 36,-
    Rücken und Nacken. Diese Massage wirkt muskelentspannend und lockernd.
  • Sportmassage, 25 min. Behandlung - € 38,-
    Rücken, Arme oder Beine. Eine etwas intensivere Massage nach sportlicher Überbelastung, bei der die Muskulatur gelockert und gedehnt wird.
  • Thai Fußreflexzonenmassage, 25 min. Behandlung - € 38,-
    Der ganze Körper spiegelt sich in den Füßen wieder. Durch das Massieren an diesen speziellen Punkten kommt Ihr Körper wieder besser in Schwung
  • TCM Deluxe, Rücken Schröpfmassage, 25 min. Behandlung - € 38,-
    Schröpfen hilft grundsätzlich bei allen Schmerzzuständen vor allem im Rücken und im Nackenbereich
  • Ganzkörpermassage, 50 min. Behandlung (beruhigend oder anregend) - € 66,-
    Durch verschiedene Griffe werden verspannte Muskeln gelockert und es wird eine optimale Durchblutung erreicht.
  • Kombi-Massage, 50 min. Behandlung - € 64,-
    Rücken- und Fußreflexzonenmassage

Energetic treatments

  • Intuitive - sensitive energy massage, 50 min. treatment - € 66,-
    Energy blockades are dissipated and you get to enjoy a balancing effect in a unique way in this massage. You are massaged with aromatherapy oils which are tailored to suit your body, mind and soul.
  • Craniosacral balancing, 50 Min. treatment - € 70,-
    Craniosacral balancing is a gentle yet very profound form of body work. Fully dresses, your whole body is treated, with the emphasis being on your cranium, spinal column and sacrum. The treatment is carried out using very gentle touch.
  • Lomi - Lomi - Nui temple massage, 70 Min. - € 85,-
    After a preliminary talk your body is treated using specific movements and gentle strokes applying warm oil, creating a sensation of warmth and well-being. Blockades are released and your mind is liberated. As you relax afterwards you can let the experience sink in.


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